A 24-hour LAN hosted by Sector 17 esports in partnership with the CON.ECT Expo

  • Date02-03 September
  • Duration24 Hours
    [12pm to 12pm]
  • LocationFairview Sports Centre
  • ConnectionTBC

Nelson Mandela Bay's premier GeekCon joins forces with Sector 17


Over the past few years we have seen very little gaming action here in Nelson Mandela Bay. With this new partnership between Con.ect expo and Sector 17 esports we aim to provide an annual LAN event for local gamers to show off their talent and have a good time around like-minded individuals.

This year we see ourselves at Fairview Sports Centre on Willow Road, a 24-hour event. We also hope to bring some esports into the mix. So in short this is one LAN you do not want to miss!

Tickets are now on Sale!

Below is a breakdown of the different types of tickets available to access the Expo and LAN. Tickets are sold via WebTicket

Everything you need to know

This will be a BYOC LAN

BYOC is “Bring Your Own Console/Computer”, meaning you bring your own gaming setup to the LAN. You will be able to play any of the games that you own on our network for 24 hours straight. Please read the rest of the info you will need to know before arriving at the LAN.


Consoles as well as Computers are welcome

Platforms are limited to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Your ticket limits you to a single gaming device. Each additional device you bring will require its own ticket.


Age Restriction

There is no age restriction for this event. Anyone under the age of 16 will need to be accompanied by an adult.


Spouse/Parental Entry

Your Parent/Spouse/Partner will be given a Spectator Pass which will allow them access into the LAN to assist you with carrying in your equipment. They will however need to purchase a Weekend Pass Ticket for the Expo in order to receive one. They must accompany you to the LAN Check-in Desk and they will be issued a Spectator Pass which will give them access all weekend.



You are allowed to bring and play any game you own, we will not be giving games at the event itself. We only provide the network access for you to play your own games. We recommended that you download any games and or game updates before coming to the event so that you can get the most hours out of the LAN. Here are a list of games we recommend:

  • CoD WW2 Beta – XB1 and PS4
  • CoD Infinite Warfare – PS4
  • Gears 4 – XB1
  • Overwatch – All platforms
  • CS GO – PC
  • Unreal Tournament Alpha – PC


*We will be providing the install files for Unreal Tournament at the venue



What you need to bring

  • PC/Console
  • Monitor(32” is the largest we will allow)
  • Keyboard and Mouse / Controller
  • Headset/Headphones (No external speakers are allowed)
  • Power cord for your monitor and Console/PC
  • Power Multiplug
  • LAN Cable if possible(5m)


*Please note that we will ask you not to charge your phone from a power outlet, so bring the phone fully charged with a spare battery or allow for a USB charger that can be plugged into your gaming device.


What is not allowed

  • No Speakers
  • No monitors larger than 32”
  • No UPS’s
  • No additional devices that require power
  • Not more than one gaming device
  • No drugs or alcohol
  • No attitudes that would prevent others from enjoying the LAN
  • No smoking in the LAN area


Sleeping Area

There is no sleep/resting area so no mattresses will be allowed. You are welcome to a pillow and a spot under your table should you need time to contemplate your strategy for the next match.



We will be connected to the internet and most games patch themselves automatically. So if you plan to play a game that you haven’t played in a while, start it up at home the week before the event in order to download the latest patch. This will ensure you maximum time at the LAN. Most games do not allow you to play online/LAN with others if your version does not match the other player’s version.


Food and Drinks

Food and drinks will be for sale at the venue during the day and the night.


Equipment security

There will be security posted at the venue for the entire weekend, both day and night. The safety of your equipment is however still your responsibility. So don’t leave your equipment or personal items on the table while you go for lunch or to the restroom. This will lead to unnecessary temptation. Take your smaller equipment with you when you leave, or ask someone you know to keep an eye on it, or pack your loose items and peripherals into your bag.



Your LAN ticket includes the cost of a Weekend Pass. Thus allowing free access to the LAN all weekend as well as access to the CON.ECT expo for both days during official show hours. Your ticket grants you one chair, a quarter of a table and a single gaming device.


Checklist of essentials

Here is a check-list to go through before you leave home:

  • Transport to and from the LAN
  • Your game discs and serial numbers
  • Any Medication
  • Something to keep you warm (Your PC doesn’t count)
  • Charged Phone and USB charger
  • LAN Ticket
  • Spending money for the Expo and Food
  • Mouse/Keyboard/Controller
  • Computer/Console
  • Monitor
  • Power plugs and Network cable
  • Backup batteries for controllers
  • Headphones


Steps to ensuring your seat at the LAN

Step 1 – Buy your R200 LAN Ticket

Step 2 – On D-Day go to the Check-in desk just outside of the LAN area

Step 3 – Receive Your Lanyard and stickers to mark your gear. The stickers must go on every item of your gaming rig. Do not lose your Lanyard as this will allow someone to leave the venue with your equipment. If you do lose or misplace your LAN Pass you will need to stay until 12h00 on Sunday before you and your equipment will be checked out of the LAN. Anyone not wearing either a Spectator Pass or LAN Pass will not be allowed inside the LAN area.

Step 4 – Find a spot and set up your rig.  Remember only a quarter of the table is yours, so plan accordingly. It is recommended that your PC case goes on the floor underneath your table.
You may hold an open seat next to you, but do take note that as the LAN fills up, someone might come and take the seat that you are keeping. It is first come first serve.

Step 5 – Connect to the network and you should be 100% ready to start pwning. An admin willl be there to assist if problems arise.


Some simple rules to ensure we all have fun:

  1. We will not allow hacking into computers, if you do, you will be asked to leave the LAN.
  2. Please ensure that you do not lose your Pass, since you will need to wait till the end of the event before you can leave so that we can verify your equipment
  3. Opening time: 12pm Saturday
  4. Closing time: 12pm Sunday
  5. Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited
  6. No smoking inside the venue will be permitted
  7. Do not share anything if you do not want it to be copied
  8. Make sure your Network Shares are “Read only”
  9. Please ensure that your PC has the latest updates installed
  10. Please ensure that you have an anti-virus installed
  11. If you have any problems, an admin will do their best to rectify the problem
  12. Right of admission is reserved. Our admins want everyone to have as great a time as possible, even if that means asking certain people to leave the event.
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